Tuesday, 17 May 2016

RSPCA - Million Paws rePAWt by Tiffany

Hi, my name's Tiffany and I was lucky enough to be a special pet repawter for IdPet at this year's RSPCA Million Paws Walk at Albert Park VIC.
The Million Paws Walk is a fundraising event to help fight animal cruelty.

I made sure to have a good sleep in the car on the way there to preserve my energy for the walk, but as soon as my humans parked I was eager to get out and go! As soon as my humans and I arrived I saw so many friendly dogs of all different sizes, there was so many butts to sniff! We had a good warm up walk from the car to the starting line but we finally arrived and made sure to stop by the IdPet stand. Katrina was so lovely, she gave me a delicious treat and I got my photo taken. Before I knew it we were off on the 5km walk, there were even people cheering as we took off which made me very excited!
There was lots of excitement and butt sniffing at the start of the walk, I saw big dogs, little dogs, long dogs, and fluffy dogs. I even ran into a funny looking dog with a long neck, my mum said it was something called a swan but I don't believe her. I got pats, treats and lots of photos taken on my walk which was lots of fun, although my mum shared some of my treats with other dogs which I wasn't too impressed about.
The lovely volunteers made sure to have lots of water out for all the dogs which was  good because I got quite thirsty! My little legs did get quite tired towards the end of the walk but lucky my daddy human was nice enough to carry me for a bit. I was so proud of myself when I crossed the finish line I thought it was a good time for a feast and a nap! My humans got some yummy looking food but they didn't want to share any of it with me, I did get some dog treats though which I enjoyed very much! Before we left we made sure to check out all the stalls and I said hello to some more dogs.

The RSPCA Million Paws walk in Victoria alone this year has raised over $400,000 towards the fight against animal cruelty and the care of all creatures great and small.
IdPet's and our wish is that every animal can be as happy and loved as myself.

This is Tiffany signing out with Love and Paws

Tiffany x
and mum Lucia from Paw prints across Melbourne