Friday, 2 January 2015

Top pet names of 2014

Guess what name has woofed it to second place in the top ten dog names of 2014....? That's right - Max!

Naming the four legged and furry members of the family can be a pretty big decision for our human mums and dads.

So we're revealing to the top pet names of 2014 as listed by BowWowMeow to inspire all the pet parents out there.

Let's start with the ladies. Bella hit the top spot for the most popular dog and cat name in 2014.

Ruby, Molly and Lucy were the 2nd, 3rd and 4th most popular dog names for girls with Molly stealing second place in the most popular girl cat names.

Other female dog names included in the top ten list are Coco, Roxy, Millie and Poppy and the female felines have the popular names of Lily, Missy, Misty and Milo.

To the dogs.... well Max is, of course, one of the more popular dog names, only woofed up by Charlie.

Some other favourites for boy dogs that feature in the top ten are Buddy, Oscar, Jack, Archie and Harry.

For the tom cats of the bunch, Max took the top spot, followed by Charlie, Oscar, Simba and Tiger. George also snuck in there at number ten.

If you like to follow the celebrity trends, then you may be interested to know that Hugh Jackman's latest Furry baby family addition is a beautiful champagne coloured puppy named Allegra, who is little sister to Frenchie, Dali.

What's your furbaby's name and why did you choose it? We'd love to hear your stories.