Friday, 25 April 2014

My doggy playdate, 'Woof About' profiler - Interviews with Max and The Dog Lovers Show

A couple of weeks ago, I had my first experience of a mass doggy playdate. It was a fun, crazy and chaotic afternoon, full of wagging tails and adoring humans. My mum is part of a Spoodle forum online, so she organised the catch up to sniff butts and play. I met lots of great furry characters and decided to interview a few fellow pooches of my own kind. Below is a quick snapshot of who I met and what they had to bark about...
Meet Charlie: Top LHS, Mello Bear Top RHS
Shirley Bottom LHS and Poppy Bottom RHS

All the dogs featured are Spoodles with their very own unique quirky personalities and habits. FYI - A 'Spoodle' is also known as a 'Cockapoo' which is a cross breed of a Poodle and Cocker spaniel.