Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Thanks for the inclusion Bupa

Your dog is unique. No one knows this better than you do. From the way their ears twitch while dreaming, to that irresistible gaze you’re met with every time they beg for a treat, no two dogs are the same. So they deserve a place to sleep that’s as unique as they are. If you want to make a statement, stand out and express your pet’s unique personality, then an ID Pet dog bed is what you need. Let us explain why …

A Variety of Sizes to Suit Your Pet's Tastes
Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important that their bed is big enough to house them but not too big that they feel insecure. There's no point in purchasing a bed that's too narrow for your Great Dane, or too voluminous for your Jack Russell Terrier. That's why you can’t go past a customised dog bed from ID Pet. Available in three sizes to suit any four-legged friend, an ID Pet bed will ensure they get a comfortable, good night's rest, without being cramped or swamped in fabric.
Custom Monogramming
Is your Labrador loyal and regal? Your Rottweiler a shy little princess? Let your canine companion's personality shine with a custom monogram for their cosy bed. You’ll love the fonts that are available, so you can style your pet's bed to suit their personality to a ‘T’.

We were happy to contribute to an article by Bupa Pet Insurance entitled, 'Spoil Your Dog or Cat with a Luxury Pet Bed'.

‘Whether you want a font that's elegant, one that's more modern, or one that reflects your dog's fun loving personality, IdPet has just what you need,’ says Bupa. ‘personalisation is performed with commercial transfer, and the cover zips off for easy washing.’
Extremely Durable and Washable!
Whether your dog has a fondness for bringing a bucket load of sand back from the beach or they enjoys a mud bath in the puddles at the park. Maybe they don’t enjoy either of these things, but even for the best-mannered pooch, you need something that's washable, and durable too. ID Pet's dog beds come with a zip to make this process easier. Simply undo the zip, and you can easily peel off the cover and pop it in the washer for a good, deep clean.

And we don’t just do beds. Check out our range of bowls, collars, leads, toys, coats and more, and all can be branded with your pet’s names and even their photos. With IdPet you can create a whole range of personalised, branded wares for your fur baby.

So whatever your pet's (or just your) style and taste, you'll be able to showcase them with IdPet personalised dog products.

A few fun facts about our Pet Beds.
  • They are 100% handmade in Australia from heavy cotton drill
  • Our Beds have a invisible zip for easy removal of inner and washing.
  • They are customisable with choice of font that are imprinted directly with your pets name available in two positions (top or side).
  • Personalised especially to your fur babies taste.

To get your fur baby one shop here now 


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