Thursday, 3 October 2013

Idpet in the news today! The Age - Petpreneur article

Check out my handsome face in the Age newspaper today!! My mum Katrina is making some great personalised products & we are getting noticed. I am the original Dogpreneur! Woof Maxie xx "Another “petpreneur” is Katrina Thomson, founder of Melbourne-based Thomson, who has been producing personalised clothing for children for eight years through her other business,, quickly realised there was a market for dogs. “I realised that people are willing to spend money on their pets even more so than on their kids. “Max, my dog, is like a family member to us.” But when she decided to personalise Max’s things she could not find anything online to reflect his personality. So she started in May this year. Thomson says she set up her business with just under $50,000. Her husband, Bill, looks after the technical side of things, and the website was up and running in 12 weeks. “We produce and print and do all the design work locally. Where we can source things and get them made locally, we will. So we don’t have to have huge amounts of stock,” she says. The range of personalised products includes collars, ID tags, tops, beds, placemats and ceramic bowls with the pet’s name on it. “We cater to the personality of the people and the pets, so they can have the whole range made up just for them.” Prices range from $12.95 for a personalised ID tag, up to $154 for a bed." Read more: The Age

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