Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Woof about profile April Harold Hoo

Congratulations Harold Hoo,  on being our woof about Profile for the month of April.
Harold aka Hoo Hoo was born with extreme hemivertebrae and had suffered Paralysis after rupturing his 2 discs in September 2013. 

Mr Hoo has been through a lot and all with a happy attitude, he has since recovered extremely well since surgery and now leads a happy pain free life. 
He loves a good belly rub, but lets face it what dog doesn't?
Loves the Humans food and screams for attention. His favourite toy is a Giant Moose which was gifted to him from Carrum Downs Petstock.
Harlod's word of advice to fellow canines is make sure you look cute always and  if that doesn't work then scream!

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