Sunday, 1 March 2015

Woof About Pet of the Month is Baxter...

Congratulations Baxter the Spoodle you are our Pet of the month for March,
Asides from being a handsome Spoodle like myself you have supaw Style.

Baxter is nearly 2 year old from Nth Balwyn, Vic
He is a  playful and Outgoing little fella with particularly  long legs for a Spoodle, he is a quick learner and can even do a few tricks.Which he is happy to perform if their are treats involved.

Baxter enjoys going to doggy Daycare and playing with his mates, especially his best friend Willie the Jack Russell. He loves eating bones and playing with his frisbee at the park!
Mum Marie kindly refers to him as Ballerina Baxter or Baxty boots. He likes to stand on his hind legs and take a sneak peak st whats is on the kitchen bench. Like a dancing T rex his the greatest little performer.

Baxter's word of advice for fellow pooches would be that; "Make sure you always bark at the animals on TV, you need them to know you want to play and its fun to disrupt the Hoomans when they are trying to watch'.

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