Monday, 1 December 2014

Our 'Woof about' Star Profile for December is - KoKo Harry Potter

Congratulations KoKo on being our woof about pet of the Month for December.

Koko Harry Potter is a well known 'celebpup' from Subiaco WA. A Maltese shitzu  of  nearly 9 years he has a fondness for his toys, Ducky, Snoopy and Teddy!

Koko AKA MrK, Kokky and KoKoPops likes long runs on the beach, playing at the waters edge and doing tricks for the humans.
His personality can be best described as very intelligent and clever  as he has a great memory.
Koko Loves a good puppiciono like us and in his spare time writes his very own blog.  
A great companion to owner Helen who believe it or not was once dog phobic.
Kokos bark of advice to fellow pooches would be; Make your owner get out of bed and walk you in the mornings, demand another walk when they get home and double tho son the weekend. Its your job to keep them healthy!

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