Monday, 3 November 2014

November 2014 Woof about Profiler is - Hunter the cheeky Weimaraner

Congratulations Hunter on being our woof about profile for November.

Hunter is super used to being in front of the camera as his mum is the  professional photographer and owner of Mosaic photography and design.
You may have seen Hunter in a few of our advertisements and Instagram he really is the perfect model.

A little bit more about Mr H.
He is a Weimaraner from Mitcham Victoria and loves the thrill of running away with socks, anyones socks that is!
Hunter is clever, rambunctious and very human like, he uses is voice when he wants to get your attention. Watch out you can get a paw in the face if you ignore his calls. Always up for a cuddle this big boy will put both paws around you for a hug. he is cheeky and stubborn but very affectionate.
Hunters bark of advice for fellow pooches would be; That if you snatch a sock from the pile...RUN and they will chase you. It really is the best game of all time! Woof.

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