Monday, 1 September 2014

Our September woof about profiler is...Dudley the rock and roll Yorkie!

Congratulations...Dudley your our woof about profiler for September!
Dudley has his very own dedicated blog and Facebook page and is every bit the dog fashionista.

Full name is 'Dudley Dinsdale'  although  Dudley's origional pedigree name was 'Enzo Ferrari' but thought that was a bit to showy.
Dudley is a two year old Male Yorkshire Terrier from Bondi Beach NSW.
His favourite toy is his Squeaky duckling, What makes dudley stand out from the rest of the pack is his awesome sense of style and superb social skills. According to Amanda his human he really is a people dog.
Dudley's, bark of advice for other pooches is; if you can hear the refrigerator door open or the microwave 'ping' make sure you get there in a nano second. He who hesitates hungry!

You can read more about Dudley and his rock and roll adventures by visiting his Facebook page or reading his blog at; Dudley - Rock n Roll Yorkie.

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