Monday, 11 August 2014

August 'Woof About' profile is...Peanut!

Congratulations Peanut 're our 'Woof About' Pet in August!

Here is peanut's profile with some advice on what she likes  to 'Woof about'.

Nick name: AKA Nutty.                                                                                    
Sex: Female                                                 
Age: 6 years
Breed: Chihuahua Bichon Frise Cross aka Chichon
Location: Melbourne
Occupation: Chief dog at 'Erin King' Pet photography.

Favourite toy /things to do; 
I don’t think she has a favourite toy as she has so many and loves them all.  One thing she loves to do is to blitz on the beach, sand seems to make her crazy! Although she’s not a fan of the water or swimming, she just loves the beach.

Peanut's personality is best described as Playful and Outgoing! 
She has a personality like no other dog I’ve ever known.  She is quirky, playful, loving and smart, she makes me smile and laugh everyday.  Although this week she turns 6, she still acts and plays like a puppy and everyone who meets her thinks she is a puppy.  She loves life and especially people and just having her has enriched our lives.  She is a very important companion to us and we love her as we would our own child, seeing as we don’t have any, she gets all our love and attention and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If your dog could have a bark of advice to fellow pooches in one sentence what would it be?

"Love and live everyday as if it was your last and spread the love among all the people and other dogs you meet."

Erin, peanuts Mum says that; 'Since having Peanut she has just re-enforced my love for animals, especially dogs, so much so that this encouraged me to follow my love for pet photography.'  She is Erin's inspiration to capture the joy, love and laughter that pet lovers share with their pets through providing beautiful photos as a keepsake to forever remember their pet.

For more information on Erin's amazing pet photography visit.

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  1. Don't use a pet photographer that supports animal cruelty