Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Our September woof about profiler is...Jet Cavoodle!

Congratulations...Jet you are our woof about profiler for September!
Jet, aka Buddy is a busy pup, working hard in his day job as the director of MyOodle.com

Jet lives in Fiji and on his days off he loves reelax’n on boat rides around the islands, trips to the beach and hanging with his best buddy. Jet is 8.5 years old and even though he is getting older now he still loves to play with his one special toy, a blue sheep from New Zealand. Jet is a gentle, smart and charismatic pooch who is much loved by his humans and everyone he meets.

Jet's bark of advice to fellow pooches is "Be a kind firm boss. Dogs love and respect a good pack leader."

Being a seafaring pooch, Jet likes to wear our personalised Anchors Away collar.

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