Sunday, 1 February 2015

Congratulations to Flynn the Cavoodle; Our IdPet of the Month for February.

Introducing Flynn a playful and outgoing boy. 1 year old who has slept with his ‘monkey’ toy since he was brought home at the age of 10 weeks.
A lover of  all squeaky toys, balls and anything he can chew on!

Flynn loves his two family cats, although they don’t always like to play back and he looks forward  to ‘walkie s’, by the river or at the beach where he can swim – he loves the water! 
His best friend is a boxer called Jetta who is also 1, so they have sort of grown up together – they love their play dates and seem to be in a world of their own when they get together, it’s pretty cool to watch
Flynn has an amazing little personality in that were sure he thinks he’s actually a kid and not a dog! He is clever and solves problems in an amazing way – you can actually see him ‘thinking’ just like cheeky little 3 year old would! Flynn family  can’t imagine life without him as he brings them so much happiness and joy.
Flynn's bark of advice to fellow pooches is;  Always be happy and remember to take every opportunity that comes your way!

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