Friday, 25 April 2014

My doggy playdate, 'Woof About' profiler - Interviews with Max and The Dog Lovers Show

A couple of weeks ago, I had my first experience of a mass doggy playdate. It was a fun, crazy and chaotic afternoon, full of wagging tails and adoring humans. My mum is part of a Spoodle forum online, so she organised the catch up to sniff butts and play. I met lots of great furry characters and decided to interview a few fellow pooches of my own kind. Below is a quick snapshot of who I met and what they had to bark about...
Meet Charlie: Top LHS, Mello Bear Top RHS
Shirley Bottom LHS and Poppy Bottom RHS

All the dogs featured are Spoodles with their very own unique quirky personalities and habits. FYI - A 'Spoodle' is also known as a 'Cockapoo' which is a cross breed of a Poodle and Cocker spaniel.


Charlie is a three year old family guy from Fitzroy. Charlie's favourite thing to do is play ball in the house and go for walks... lots of them. His advice to fellow pooches is to remember to "Just Chill" because life's too short to stress. And, of course, we agree.

Mello Bear

Mello Bear is only 21 weeks old. She's an only fur child from Geelong. Mello's Mum, Jess, and Dad, Matt, treat her like the apple of their eyes and sometimes call her 'Mello Flair' or 'Baby Bear'. Her favourite thing to do is to chase her neighbour and partner in crime, Scooby, around the yard. Mello's bark of advice is to "not put up with humans trying to dress you in clothes". Her favourite toy is her Banana Man.


Shirley is Mum, Wendy's, BFF. She is three years old and hails from Geelong and isn't afraid to get wet and play in dirty puddles. Otherwise known as 'Pudding', she only likes to play with other dogs of her own kind. Her advice is to 'make sure you get tucked in at night and stay under the doona'.


Poppy is a 22 week old  gorgeous ball of fluff from Wodonga and is otherwise known as 'Pop Star' or 'Popsicle'. Her favourite thing to do is to take Dad's spot on the bed and her advice to fellow canines is to 'give the humans heaps and dig holes...lots of them'

I (Max), must admit my advice is to 'always keep your eyes on the ball', because you never know when or where the humans will throw it. This is exactly what I did at the play date. I didn't mean to be anti-social. I just I had to keep my eyes on the ball... you know what I mean.

Finding out about my fellow friends was so much fun that Mum and I have decided to start a regular Woof About Profiler. Watch out Australian pooches of all sizes - whether you're at the park, cafe or doggy day care - we could be barking about what you do best and getting advice on daily dog life. 

For the humans out there...

Does your pet want to take part and showcase their individual personality and style? Does he/she have some daily advice for fellow pooches and their humans?

Submit your interest and contact details and attach a furry selfie of your furry friend to, with subject line Woof About Profiler. If your pet is chosen for a Woof About profile we will feature you on our Blog, Facebook and Instagram. If successful, you will also receive an online voucher for a FREE personalised I.D Tag .
So what are you waiting for? We want to know all about your inner canine. What are your likes, dislikes, age, breed, where you are from, and your advice for a happy animal life.

It's time, fellow pooches, to tell us ' what all the woof is about'. 

Melbourne pack, don't forget to come and visit us at the Dog Lovers Show next weekend. Pick up your very own IdPet doggie ear hat to wear at our stand 434. 
FYI: The hat has an exclusive IdPet show only discount printed on it.
All the IdPet crew will be there and I, Max, will be wagging my tail in anticipation to meet and greet you for pats a plenty.

Until next time keep your tails wagging. Yours with paws,

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