Tuesday, 10 December 2013

What I may never know?, Oscar's Law...

I have to confess, I can't say for sure whether or not my boy Max came from a puppy farm and I feel awful about it.

Just over four and a half years ago we made a family choice to look for a new dog. I was completely unaware of rescue groups and must be honest and admit that getting an adult dog from the pound was not a consideration at the time.

Max - IdPet C.E.O 
We were looking for a dog that would mix in well with our young family and a dog of medium size breed that would not shed hair as my husband has allergies. We decided on a Spoodle for these reasons. Whilst online we found a gorgeous image of a fluffy puppy. I did not think about much more except how cute this dog was and how do we go about purchasing one. I called the number and was told that the litter of 4 would be ready in a couple of weeks and that I could view the puppies in Parkville and pay on the day. It all seemed too easy.
So off we went to Parkville kids in tow. I went to the door and out comes a lady with two puppies she looks at me and hands me one immediately before I even get the words... hello out. Needless to say I felt like the choice had already been made for us as at this point. There was no way my kids were going to let me leave without him.
I did ask about the mother and father of the dogs and the breeder showed me photos. I also asked if I could see the mother in the flesh and she made the excuse that she was resting with her other babies and that it wouldn't be a good idea. Then she said that she only uses the house to show people the dogs as she was from the Country. I got to thinking, that was a bit weird, but before I knew it the transaction was made, she quickly gave me a receipt with some typed up puppy notes and then we were on our way with our new puppy Max.
This experience looking back on it has me feeling sick as I may have contributed to a puppy farm that may not have been ethical. I know this may be ignorant but at the time I did not know anything about Puppy mills or the charity Oscar's Law; and that unethical inhumane mass puppy farming even existed.
Knowing what I know now there is no way we would ever purchase a dog this way again.
I cannot change the past and would never give up our Max for the world. Not only is he our C.E.O and the ambassador of IdPet, he is our family.
I believe it is important to tell my story and am so proud to have Oscar's Law as part of our 'personalised love' program this summer.

You can also show your support by purchasing our new fundraiser I.D Tags.Get your personalised Oscar's Law I.D tag right here and know that when you do, Oscar's Law will receive 50% of the sale price.

Remember from 1 December to 1 March 2014 just by typing in OSCAR into our checkout when purchasing we will give 10% of your sale to Oscar's Law, who campaign tirelessly to educate and eradicate inhumane puppy mills that put profit before the health and well being of animals.

Thank you Oscar's Law for providing us with the below tips to consider when purchasing a puppy.
Oscar and Debra - Oscars Law
If you are looking for a certain breed of puppy to contact your local state canine organisation e.g; Dogs Victoria, Dogs NSW etc and ask for a list of breeders for the breed they are looking for.
Just because they are registered doesn't mean they are ethical so the public must do their research.
Does the breeder allow you to view the pup at the place of breeding, can you view pup interacting with mum?
Make sure you are comfortable with the standard of care and living conditions.
Has the pup been raised inside the home, handled from birth and well socialised?
The breeder should be open to questions and be able to provide a full health history of the puppy and the parents.
The breeder should ask you just as many questions to ensure their puppy is going t
o a suitable home.
The puppy should be chipped and up to date with vaccinations.
Provided by Debra Tranter Founder Oscar's Law.

Until the next blog we wish you and all our fur friends...a wonderful happy  and safe holiday season. 

Thank you for all the support we are overwhelmed with appreciation.

Love and woofy paws

Katrina, Max , Toni and the team at Idpet. xxx

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