Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Puppy Essentials. Things to consider.

I have a new friend, his name is Hunter- Isn't he adorable!

His mum Tanya is not getting much done at the moment and she wishes she had 
a dog nanny to help her care for him.  

Getting a puppy for the first, second or third time is never going to be
stress-free. Puppies, like small children, need constant attention and training
from the outset, to help raise confident sociable adult dogs. If you don’t put in
the hard yards at the start, you will be sorry later when the cute little fluffy
soft puppy, grows up to chew all your expensive shoes, pee’s all over your
designer rugs and runs the house with a demanding attitude. Boundaries
are very important in puppy training, most dogs will pick up the rules quite well,
while others need more coaxing or positive reinforcements to get the idea.
Either way, whether you have a smart pup, or a stubborn one, you need
to persevere through the puppy faze and give your family a well balanced
happy dog  that will be a valued member of your pack. 

It is important to have the basic essentials ready before introducing a puppy into your life.
Obviously I prefer my essentials personalised to my personality! Some of the items you will absolutely need and are available to purchase at IdPet are;
Dog beds, its important to have selected area/s that your puppy can call its own. If you don’t determine this right away, your best lounge or even your own bed will be taken over. A collar and lead are necessary items, as all dogs need exercise in order to keep them healthy and happy. Walking is a great way of getting outdoors and stopping that bored frustrated behavior dogs will get if cooped up all the time. Make sure you invest in healthy high quality pet food. I know this can be expensive, but ask your breeder or local pet food store on the best food to feed your dog. Some supermarket brands can be cheap and have nasty preservatives etc that can make your dog very unhealthy, fresh is best!
Dog chew toys and treats are a very good way to get your puppy to know what it is allowed to chew on (and they do! Beware of the little sharp baby teeth! They can gnaw through anything) Treats are used to teach your dog basic commands like sit, and stay…even to go outside and “toilet” as we call it at home. Dogs respond well to positive reinforcements rather than the old fashion way of ‘rubbing their noses in it. If you need help, or you just want to meet other people and their pets, local dog training at your nearest park or facility on the weekends is a great way to get out and learn how best to teach your puppy the right way. Now that is all the hard parental
work out of the way…a puppy is a gift that should never be given away. A dog is a companion for life. Yes they are hard work, yes they take up time from your busy work schedules and yes they keep you up at night initially. However you will put all that aside, as the love and loyalty they bring into your life far outweighs any initial hard work. Your puppy will grow and will become an important  family member. He or she does not  need the gift of speech to communicate with you. They will know when you need a cuddle, sit with you when you are sick, play with you when you feel like running around and be there for you every day . A genuine companion your new puppy will surely grow to be your best friend forever.

Below is our Puppy essentials checklist that you can print.  

If you can think of anything else to add to our list or your experience with having a puppy or new dog in your life, please post us your comments. As all tips are welcomed.

Until my next post
yours with Paws

Woof x

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