Thursday, 8 August 2013

Welcome and Hello

Hi I'm Max A much loved 4 year old family Spoodle;
I'm also the Face, CEO, and ambassador of IdPet - which print the coolest  personalised pet products online. IdPet is dedicated specifically to cool Canine members like myself who like to be practical, comfortable yet fashionable at the same time. 
At IdPet we believe out pets are important special and unique in their own right. We believe that every dog has a right to a name, a happy place to call home and a family to belong to (not to mention scratch their belly). Our aim is to eradicate the concept of an unidentified pooch or kitty and help you to celebrate your pets personality with custom printed personalised digs.
We want every, Jack, Molly, Bella and Max to wear their name out  loud and proud. Part of our philosophy is to  give back a percentage of our profits and support dogs in need. This is why mum is creating the IdPet 'personalised love' fundraiser program which will be available to non profit animal related charities and organisations from September 2013.

At IdPet, their is no such thing as boring.. our range is colourful, and quirky full of personality just like us. We have thought of all the essentials you could need and offer a wide range of custom choice products from; I.D Tags, collars, leads, toys, pet clothing and bedding to name a few.

Join us (mum and I) in our journey of all things personalised for pets. We hope to sniff out  interesting content and add some funny stories along the way. I am itching with excitement and hope you’ll join me in my new blog dedicated to every pet out there who deserves an identity. I hope you enjoy and find something to get your Tails wagging and Woof About with me!

Yours with paws,

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